Mark your calendars and join us for an interactive evening to die for on Saturday, October 26.

It’s the annual Halloween party for a traveling Burlesque/Cabaret group. This year’s theme is “Sensational Ways to Die”. Everyone will choose a way to die and come dressed accordingly with some Burlesque flair. These are always over the top extravagant affairs with dinner as well as an after party. There is added excitement because the lead for their new show, “Sparkling Wonderland” will be announced at the party.

$80 per person + tax – Limited to 20 people - There are only 2 seats left.

Includes one beverage, dinner, and a character with backstory/role that has been developed especially for this mysterious evening.

$40 deposit* required to reserve a spot. Sign up in person at DaVine or by calling 425-433-8610.

* Refundable up to 7 days before the event.